Sensors for National Instruments DAQ

Drop Counter

The Drop Counter is an optical sensor that accurately records the number of drops passing through the optical slot.


Output Range




Default scaling Value


Infrared Source


Drip Rate

2 Seconds or slower

Measurement Instructions
1. Install the IX-ELVIS board into the National Instrument ELVIS platform or the IX-myDAQ board onto the NI myDAQ. If using ELVIS, connect the ELVIS power supply to the ELVIS unit and connect it to the computer via a USB cable. Ensure both of the power switches are in the “on” position. For the myDAQ, connect it to the computer using the USB cable.

2. Connect the MINI DIN7 connector of the DCN-100 to either CH1 or CH2 of either the IX-ELVIS or IX-myDAQ board.

3. Open the recording software, select the channel that the DCN-100 is connected to and ensure the range is set to +/-5V.

4. Set the sensor so that drops fall directly through the center of the hole and are about 1" above the optical slot.

5. Test your system by sending a few drops through the sensor so you see the signal on the waveform chart. A pulse will represent each drop.

6. Set the drip rate to 2 seconds per drop or slower.

7. Set the Threshold so that the voltage signal rises above it when a drop is detected but well above the baseline of the signal.

*Note: The signal may be inverted when using the myDAQ setup.
  • Model: DCN-100

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