Sensors for National Instruments DAQ

pH Electrode

The PHN-100 pH Electrode is an easy-to-use pH electrode that is capable of measuring the acidity of solutions with pH values from 0 to 12. PHN-100 is a combination electrode with the recording and reference electrodes included in the same housing. The plastic housing at the end of the electrode protects the glass membrane and reduces the probability of the electrode breaking as it is handled.


Input Range

pH range 0-12

Output Range

0 – 708 mV


59 mV/pH

Default scaling Value

59 mV/pH


3.5 inches


0.49 inches

Measurement Instructions

1. Connect the iWorx Sensor Adaptor to myDAQ.

2. Connect the pH sensor to the iWorx Sensor Adaptor

3. Connect the myDAQ to your computer using a USB cable.

Before and after the electrode is placed in the solution being measured, rinse the electrode and its housing with deionized water from a wash bottle. Blot any drops of water from the probe with laboratory wipes. Place the electrode in the solution being measured. Set the stirrer that mixes the solution to a speed that allows the stir bar to rotate smoothly. Once the recording of the pH level in the solution has reached a stable line, mark the recording with a comment to indicate the pH of the solution.
  • Model: PHN-100

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