Sensors for National Instruments DAQ

Gas Pressure Sensor

The Gas Pressure Sensor can be used to measure pressure within a range of 20 to 250 kPa. It is used with the BP-220 for blood pressure experiments and with the FT-220 for grip strength experiments.


Input Range

20 - 250 kPa

Output Range

0.2V to 4.8V


Required every use

Default scaling Value

Vout for 760mm Hg is 1.86V                 
Vout for 860mm Hg is 2.13V

Pressure range

20 - 250kPa



Calibration Instructions
1. Install the IX-ELVIS board into the National Instrument ELVIS platform or the IX-myDAQ board onto the NI myDAQ. If using ELVIS, connect the ELVIS power supply to the ELVIS unit and connect it to the computer via a USB cable. Ensure both of the power switches are in the "on" position. For the myDAQ, connect it to the computer using the USB cable.

2. Connect the MINI DIN7 connector of the GPSN-100 to either CH1 or CH2 of either the IX-ELVIS or IX-myDAQ board.

3. Open the recording software, select the channel that the GPSN-100 is connected to and ensure the range is set to +/-5V.

4. Ensure the manometer on the blood pressure cuff is at 0 mmHg. Press Record and then Stop after a few seconds.

5. Using the manometer, apply a steady 200 mmHg of force and record for a few seconds.

6. Perform a 2 point calibration using the lower voltage as 0 mmHg and the higher as 200 mmHg.

*Note: If using the IX-MYDAQ the signal may be inverted.

Measurement Instructions

For use with the BP-220

1. Follow the calibration procedure outlined above.

For use with the FT-220

1. Follow the calibration procedure outlined above.

*Note: If using the IX-MYDAQ the signal may be inverted.
  • Model: GPSN-100

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