Sensors for National Instruments DAQ

Breakout Board for NI myDAQ

The IX-MYDAQ is a breakout board that enables connection of iWorx transducers to the National Instruments(NI) myDAQ data acquisition device via mini DIN 7 connectors. In addition, the IX-MYDAQ utilizes the NI myDAQ analog outputs via two BNC connectors.


Input Range

+/- 5V

Output Range

+/- 5V

Excitation voltage

+/- 5V

Default scaling Value


Analog Inputs


Analog Outputs

BNC (x2)

MINI DIN 7 Connector Wiring

*Note: The IX-ELVIS board has gain connections on it, however the IX-MYDAQ does not.

Measurement Instructions
1. Connect the IX-MYDAQ to the NI myDAQ. Connect a USB cable to the top of the NI myDAQ and the other end to a computer.

2. Connect the desired transducer to either MINIDIN input on the IX-MYDAQ and begin recording.

3. See the individual transducer instructions for detailed calibration and use procedures.

*Note: The signals may be inverted while using the IX-MYDAQ.
  • Model: IX-MYDAQ

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